hopelessbaka: not rude at all! i was actually considering doing that. i’ll start tagging my newer monochrome posts as monochrome but it’ll take me a while to tag the rest of them!

darkbowser: i guess tumblr ate the messages! anyway, thank you, and i’m sure it’s because i’ve been gifing for a pretty long time haha

lakasouso: unfortunately my computer crashed a month ago and i don’t have that .psd and won’t be able to find the font for you :( it looks painfully familiar, though, and if i remember it, i’ll be sure to message you! 

care-ful-now: no problem!

mimasthoughts: oh man, sorry about that! i deleted it right away because i meant to queue it instead of actually posting it and it peeved me so i deleted it and re-queued it. thankfully i found it already circulating again! i’m really glad that you like the gif o/

also if anyone knows the font from /post/25750612956 please tell me!! this is seriously going to bother me forever omg !?!?

25th 4月 2013 4:08:00pm 1 リアクション
#wow no anons this time #(gasp) not gifs #hopelessbaka #darkbowser #lakasouso #care-ful-now #mimasthoughts
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