answering more messages from this ask meme! i got lots of repeats so i am skipping them. i still appreciate getting the message tho!

❤ male: shichika lol
❤ female: OOO this is hard. i think it’d have to be nanami though (sorry togame :()
✖ least favorite: none?
❤ couple: togame/shichika duhhhh
❤ most attractive: I LOVED HITEI’S DESIGN
❤ three more characters that i like: togame, konayuki, and the sword lady (i forget her name :’))

fruits basket NOSTALGIA i will try to remember..
❤ male: yuki i think?
❤ female: gotta be tohru :’)
✖ least favorite: I DON’T REMEMBER…akito probably
❤ couple: i don’t think i specifically liked a couple… i don’t know man…
❤ most attractive: rinnnnnn
❤ three more characters that i like: ritsu, saki, and kisa!

❤ male: arararagi
❤ female: SO HARD BUT i think it would be… shinobu…..or karen…IDK
✖ least favorite: hanekawa, hands down
❤ couple: hitagi/koyomi gives me strength
❤ most attractive: kiss shot :’)
❤ three more characters that i like: hitagi, nadeko, and suruga. (P MUCH THE REST OF THE GIRLS)

tamako market
❤ female: definitely kanna!!!!
✖ least favorite: della was so annoying ugh
❤ couple: mechya/choi!!!!
❤ three more characters that i like: tamako, anko, shiori ^p^

❤ male: gareki i guess
❤ female: TSUKUMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
✖ least favorite:  nai made me want to punch my face the entire series
❤ couple: yogi/gareki alright alright alright
❤ most attractive: akari.. i think that’s his name lol
❤ three more characters that i like: iva, akari, the little snowman guy

❤ male: unfortunately none of the men fit the bill ;(
❤ female: THIS IS REALLY HARD… i guess otohime!!!
✖ least favorite: ryoshi really annoyed me.. yeah
❤ couple: tarou/otohime :’)
❤ most attractive: momoko o/
❤ three more characters that i like: ryouko, majolica, and mimi!

i decided to skip the “who resembles me” question unless i actually have one that applies…lol…  feel free to send some more if you want tho??

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